SoniClear 6

New and improved features in SoniClear 6.0:

  • Faster Note Taking
    • Typing creates timestamped notes automatically
    • Shortcut keys enter frequently used words or phrases
  • Transcribing Enhancements
    • Filter sound while transcribing for hard to hear voices
    • Speed up and slow down speaking without pitch change
  • Dozens of additional features requested by customers, including:
    • Monitor audio while recording
    • Full screen display for maximum use of the screen
    • Popup Agenda and Marker windows
    • Optional larger fonts for easier reading of notes
    • Support for additional professional audio interfaces

Call SoniClear to order, or arrange for a demonstration and receive a free evaluation copy.

Multichannel Gov Archiver MX

Gov Archiver MX is design for recording in situations that require more than two channels:

  • Large Board Meetings
  • Complex Administrative Meetings
  • Group Workshops

Gov Archiver MX includes all of the features of Gov Archiver, and adds these new multi-channel recording and playback capabilities:

  • Record up to 12 channels in WAV or MP3 format
  • Records stereo mix of all channels for convenient playback
  • Select individual channels while transcribing

Gov Archiver MX is ideal for creating accurate transcripts when precise speaker identification is important, and when more than one person may be talking at the same time. With multiple channels of recorded audio, the transcriptionist can easily determine what transpired by selecting individual recording channels to play back.