SoniClear Release 8.2 Now Available

SoniClear 8.2 is now shipping with new features and enhancements:

  • User selectable preference configurations
    • Multiple preferences can be configured by IT staff
    • Allows user to select from multiple microphone setups
  • Improved Recording Performance
    • Eliminates CPU Overload errors in rare cases where the computer slows down, caused by Windows Search Engine and some antivirus products interacting improperly
  • Support for High DPI Screens
    • Display improved on newer laptops and tablets
    • Allows user to resize the SoniClear main window
  • Enhancements and Fixes
    • Fixes for various minor problems found in Release 8.1
    • Miscellaneous user interface enhancements

Additional Improvements from Release 8.1:

  • SmartMirror™ Automated Backup
    • Automatically back up audio and data files while recording
    • Backup can be on local disk drive or on network server
    • Automatic handling of disk drive and network errors
    • Operates in the background, independent of recording process
    • Digitally signs backup recording in real time, creating "File Seals"
    • File Seals can be verified to prove backup recording is authentic
    • Multiple Transcriber Live users can play backup files while recording
  • Improved Agenda Item Import Process
    • Import agenda items directly from Microsoft Word .DOC files
    • Expanded Edit Agenda display for easier editing
  • Enhancements and Fixes
    • Miscellaneous user interface enhancements
    • Fixes for bugs found in Release 8.0
    • Compatibility with Windows 8

Additional Improvements From Release 8.0

SoniClear 8 is easy to learn and use, especially for new users upgrading from cassette tape recorders.

For existing users of SoniClear, the upgrade to SoniClear 8 provides an improved user experience and enhanced operation on a diverse range of computers.

  • New User Interface
    • Simplified Control Layout
    • Intuitive operation for users familiar with cassette recording
    • Clicking Record button automatically creates file and starts recording
    • Improved automatic file naming, user does not need to type file name
    • Create file from template, auto imports agenda items and markers
    • File/Open Backup option for easier access to backup recordings
  • Improved support for Netbook Computers
    • Efficient display on small screens as small as 800x600
    • Option to automatically display in full screen mode
    • New options for displaying Marker and Agenda windows
    • Large font selection for displaying notes more clearly
  • Support for Touch Screen Computers
    • Looks and acts like a tape recorder with touch control buttons
    • Large buttons allow for easy activation by touch
    • All actions can be performed without a mouse
    • Large font selection for displaying notes more clearly
  • Popup Window Display
    • Option to display SoniClear as a popup window that stays on top
    • Choice of popup display sizes: normal window and small window
    • Control SoniClear while typing in Word, without switching programs
    • Popup display works in both recording and playback modes
  • General Enhancements
    • Improved compatibility with Windows 7, as well as Vista and XP
    • Support for new sound chips and audio interfaces
    • Record on external USB Flash drives
    • Dozens of bug fixes and minor enhancements
    • Integration with other applications through command line interface
    • Easy to upgrade SoniClear from earlier versions
    • Existing users will be immediately familiar with operation
    • File compatibility with all previous versions of SoniClear