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February 2006


Introducing SoniClear 5.1
New Product: SalesVoice
Updates and Upgrades
New Installation Requirements
New Features in All Products
New Features in Gov Archiver and Gov Webcaster
New Feature in Enterprise

Introducing SoniClear 5.1

SoniClear Release 5.1 is now available for purchase. The release updates all of the SoniClear software products:

Gov Webcaster
Gov Archiver
Gov Recorder
SalesVoice (new, replaces RecorderPro)

A number of enhancements are included in the new release. All SoniClear products now include a new Conference mode for efficient recording to MP3 format. Release 5.1 also introduces a new "floating" software licensing system for flexible installation of the software.

SalesVoice is a new version of SoniClear, shipping with release 5.1. SoniClear SalesVoice replaces RecorderPro and is similarly priced.

Numerous improvements have been made in all of the SoniClear software products. Below is a brief description of the new features. For detailed information of SoniClear Release 5.1, see the SoniClear Product Page.

We appreciate the referrals that our customers have have given for SoniClear digital recording products. Thank You.

New Product

SoniClear SalesVoice
SaleVoice is a new SoniClear product that upgrades and replaces RecorderPro.

Key SalesVoice features:

  • Record in Conference mode (MP3 data in CF3 files).
  • Record dictation and presentation tracks in WAV format.
  • Easy file editing to create recording excerpts in MP3, CF3, or WAV format.
  • Note-taking features with nine one-click predefined notes and the ability to enter typed notes during and after recording.
  • Choice of boxed product with the Floating License System, or download Try-and-Buy licensing through Element 5 ecommerce.

The price for SalesVoice when purchased as a downloaded Try-and-Buy version is $99 per license. The product is also available as a boxed product on CD with multiple licenses delivered on the USB Key. Price for the two license version is $195, the five license version is $475.

For customers who have purchased RecorderPro, the upgrade price to SalesVoice is $30. An upgrade offer will be emailed to the address used to register the product at Element 5.

Updates and Upgrades

You are eligible for updates and technical support from Trio Systems for the first year after purchase. You will automatically receive the 5.1 update to the SoniClear product that you have purchased.

If it has been more than one year since purchasing SoniClear, you will receive a renewal letter in the mail. To renew the update and support service, the fee is 25% of the price of SoniClear software purchased by your department or organization, plus the cost of the required USB Key for the Floating License System.

If you do not receive either an update or a renewal notice, please contact Trio Systems to correct the status of your account.

Any SoniClear product can be upgraded to more advanced versions for the difference in the price. Contact Trio Systems to place an order.

New Installation Requirements

SoniClear requires the following hardware and software:

  • PC Computer with a 300MHz or faster processor.
  • Windows 2000, XP.
  • Windows MPC-compatible sound card.
  • Hard disk drive with at least 5 Megabytes free space for the program.
  • 158 Megabytes/hour used for recording in Meeting mode.
  • 22 Megabytes/hour used for recording in Conference mode.
  • Microphone, sound system, or other sound source.

SoniClear is no longer supported on Windows 98, Windows NT, or Windows ME. Only Windows 2000 and Windows XP will be supported from this release going forward. Although the software may work on Windows 98, this cannot be assured and if problems arise, and support will not be provided for fixing those problems or providing work-arounds. SoniClear 5.1 release will not run on Windows NT.

New Features in All Products

Major Enhancements

  • Record directly to MP3 format using new Conference recording mode. Conference mode uses 48kbps (mono) encoding rate for near-WAV audio quality.
  • Conference mode includes all note taking features except the use of an agenda. Notes are stored directly in the MP3 file, so there is no need for the separate BKM note file that is paired with the WAV file when making meeting recordings. The Conference mode file format (extension type “.CF3”) uses MP3 audio encoding for the audio data. The note data entered into the recording is then stored at the end of the file after the MP3 audio recording.
  • The .CF3 file format is associated with SoniClear during installation. This allows for double clicking or opening a .CF3 file directly from Windows and other programs. For example, the .CF3 Conference files can be linked to from within ACT!, Goldmine, and any other software program that can reference an external file. Selecting File/Copy Filename to Clipboard from the menu makes it easy to enter the file name of the recording into the other software.
  • Open files directly in MP3 format for playback in SoniClear.

Other New Features

  • Support for the Phoenix Duet USB Speakerphone.
  • The automated annotation feature enters a note when silence is encountered. The level for triggering silence detection is user configurable from the Preferences dialog under the Automatic Notation tab.
  • Dictation mode has been changed to record into WAV format for compatibility with Dragon software.
  • The AU file recording mode that was called Dictation mode in Release 5.0 has been moved to JavaAU mode.
  • Presentation mode has been discontinued, as it is identical to the new Dictation mode.
  • The Help menu now includes the option "Check For Updates", displaying a web page on about update status.
  • After Release 5.1 all updates will be provided online, rather than being mailed.

Floating License System

Release 5.1 includes a new system for controlling SoniClear licenses. An enhanced version of the SoniClear USB Key is used to deliver and manage the software license. When the user receives the software initially, the SoniClear software license is stored on the USB Key. The software can be installed on any number of computers. The SoniClear will only run when the USB Key device is plugged in with the "floating license". This mode of usage is the same as the "Roving License" option offered with Release 5.0.

The user has the option to leave the floating license stored on the USB Key, or lock the license to a specific computer. Once the license is locked, the USB Key device does not need to be plugged into the computer. This mode of usage is similar to the Release 5.0 "Single Computer License" option. Once a license has been locked to a computer it cannot be used as a floating license. The user has the option of unlocking the license from the computer at any time. Then the license reverts to floating status, so that it can be used to authorize use of the software on any machine.

New Features in Gov Archiver and Gov Webcaster

SoniClear Gov Archiver and Gov Webcaster include the following file improvements:

  • Support for Meeting 2-Channel mode (previously only available in ClearScribe). This is useful for recording official participants on one channel (board members, council members, or the like at the front of the room), while using a separate track to record audience participation. Recording gain on the audience channel can be set very high to pick up comments from people speaking at a distance.
  • Flash MX-based LAN Archive and Web Archive players now support pause and continue in playback, instead of restarting at the beginning of each section after stopping.
  • LAN and Web archive players are now Section 508 compliant. Accessibility improvements allow for selection of sections of the recording using keyboard equivalents. The players also provide support for screen readers, such as Window-Eyes.

New Feature in Enterprise

SoniClear Enterprise now includes support for exporting Archive-format data CDs.