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July 2005


Introducing SoniClear 5

New Products

Gov Webcaster
Gov Archiver
Gov Recorder

Updates and Upgrades

New Features

All Product Versions
Enterprise, ClearScribe, Gov Archiver and Gov Webcaster
Gov Archiver and Gov Webcaster


Introducing SoniClear 5

SoniClear Release 5 products are now available for purchase. The new product line expands the two original MeetingPro products to five versions designed specifically for government, business, and court reporting. In addition, numerous refinements have been added to all versions of the software based on feedback from customers.

For detailed information about SoniClear 5, see the SoniClear Product Page.

New Products

SoniClear Gov Webcaster
SoniClear Gov Webcaster is the upgraded version of the MeetingPro Enterprise and MeetingPro Gov products. Customers who purchased either of those will automatically receive Gov Webcaster when updates are shipped to customers entitled to new releases. The price for Gov Webcaster is $1495, with an introductory price of $995 until July 31, 2005.

SoniClear Gov Archiver
SoniClear Gov Archiver is a new configuration of the software with the same features as Gov Webcaster, but without the webcasting feature. It has the ability to create archives on a local area network, compact disks in audio and data formats, cassette tape duplication master files, as well as the recording and annotation features. Gov Archiver is priced at $795 per license.

SoniClear Gov Recorder
Gov Recorder is the upgraded version of MeetingPro Assistant, with digital recording, annotation, and transcription features. The price remains the same as MeetingPro Assistant, $295 per license.

SoniClear Enterprise
SoniClear Enterprise has the same feature set as Gov Archiver, but without the ability to maintain an archive on a local area network. It is designed for recording business meetings, conferences and seminars. SoniClear Enterprise provides the basic MeetingPro digital recording, annotation and transcription features. In addition it makes it easy to share information, with export formats for duplicating to Audio CD, two types of Data CD, and cassette tape. The price for SoniClear Enterprise is $395 per license.

SoniClear ClearScribe
SoniClear ClearScribe has all of the capabilities of SoniClear Enterprise, with additional features needed for court reporting. This includes two-channel recording for "verbatim" court reporter work using a stenomask. Toggle between channels using a keystroke. Channels can be split for providing the room channel to clients, and sending the stenomask channel through voice recognition software. SoniClear ClearScribe is priced at $495 per license.

SoniClear RecorderPro
The RecorderPro 5 product has also been updated. The VoiceBoost enhancement makes for clearer audio when recording meetings. Reliability enhancements reduce the possibility of noises or lost recording data. Also, the new level meter display makes it easier to set the record volume.

Updates and Upgrades

You are eligible for updates and technical support from Trio Systems for the first year after purchase. You should automatically receive the update to the SoniClear product that you have purchased during the first year.

You will receive a renewal letter in the mail when new updates are available and your support service has expired. To renew the update and support service, the fee is 25% of the price of SoniClear software purchased by your department or organization.

You will need to update all copies of the software at the same time, as the older versions of the software are not compatible with the new annotation file format (.BKM files).

If you do not receive either an update or a renewal notice, please contact Trio Systems to correct the status of your account.

Any SoniClear product can be upgraded to more advanced versions for the difference in the price. Contact Trio Systems to place an order.

New Features

New Features in all Product Versions

All of the SoniClear 5 versions include these improvements:

  • Zoomable playback location slider, to allow finer control over positioning in long files.
  • Enhanced audio quality in the VoiceBoost DSP processing.
  • New volume level meter display. More responsive display of levels now matches the sound that you hear. Also, the meter shows background noise when there is no talking. This improved visual monitoring allows the user to be confident that the recording is being accurately captured. Record volume should be now be set in a different manner. Adjust the volume slider so that audio registers in the green area (as shown by the colored graphic below the meter display), preferably around 3/4 of the way to maximum. Audio that registers below the green area will be virtually inaudible (below the background noise cutoff). When the audio reaches into the high end of the meter (shown in red), audio quality will be usable but somewhat reduced.
  • During recording, when no input signal is present for longer than 10 seconds an error message is displayed in the status window.
  • New recording mode: Meeting (Stereo).
  • File/Make Backup has option to split recording into multiple CD-sized disk images (up to 700 Megabytes each). This makes it easy to back up a recording to CDROM when the recording exceeds four hours.
  • The software automatically repairs WAV files when a file is opened and the header is corrupt or incorrect. This allows for complete access to recorded files that were not closed correctly, such as from a power failure.
  • An improved error message is now displayed when the user enters a path name in the new file name dialog (path must be set in Edit/Preferences).
  • Various bug fixes from Release 4.
  • Improved record-time thread priority control to reduce the likelihood of having buffer overrun errors when a computer has multiple programs running at the same time.

New Features in all MeetingPro Products

SoniClear Enterprise, ClearScribe, Gov Recorder, Gov Archiver and Gov Webcaster include the following improvements in Release 5:

  • A new file format is used for the BKM note files. When BKM files are updated to the new 5.0 file format, a backup copy is made automatically (<filename>.BKM.BAK). All copies of SoniClear that are used by a group will need to be upgraded at the same time to avoid BKM file compatibility problems.
  • Import MP3 files into a WAV file. For ClearScribe, Enterprise and Gov versions, the import process also copies and attaches a BKM file if it is the same name as the MP3 file. This allows for backup of meeting recordings in MP3 format to save storage and speed up Internet transmission to transciptionists and scopists.

New Export Features

SoniClear Enterprise, ClearScribe, Gov Archiver and Gov Webcaster include the following file export improvements in Release 5:

  • Two new export formats have been added: Data CD format, and Tape format. These are in addition to Audio CD and Archive CD formats available in Release 4.
  • Pre-roll option to overlap the audio from one disk or tape to the next. When the software automatically splits the file to accommodate a recording that exceeds the media capacity, the Pre-roll feature rewinds the audio 5 seconds to ensure that words spoken at the point of the split are not lost.

New Archiving Features

SoniClear Gov Archiver and Gov Webcaster include these recording archive management improvements:

  • A new and improved LAN Archive player allows for pausing during the playback, and displays both the archive recording selection and the recording playback screens in the same program.
  • The new LAN Archive player program (Archive5.exe) makes it possible to store the entire archive on CDROM. Simply burn the LAN Archive folder (and subfolders) to a CDROM for up to 60 hours of meeting playback from a single disk. The LAN Archive player will autoplay when the disk is inserted into a Windows computer, displaying the list of archived recordings available for playback.
  • The SoniClear Gov Webcaster product includes both LAN and Web Archive features. The SoniClear Gov Archiver product includes only the LAN Archive feature. Accessing an archive using a browser is only supported with the Web Archive features, and is not supported in the LAN Archive.

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