Multichannel Recorder 9
  • Multichannel Recording
  • Directly Replace Multichannel Cassettes
  • Easy to Use With Familiar Controls
  • Clear, Digital Sound
  • Auto Archive Recordings to Network
  • Transcribe from Recorder or Any Computer

Digital Recording for Government Meetings or Legal Proceedings

Multichannel Recorder is a computer-based recording system that provides up to 12 channels of independent audio recording. Available as a pre-configured system or as software and hardware to be used with your existing computer system. Multichannel Recorder includes your choice of Gov Recorder 9 or Court Recorder 9 software for recording meetings, administrative hearings, courts, or depositions.

Multichannel Recorder is a direct replacement for Sony BM-246 and Lanier Advocate court cassette recorders. Replacing aging cassette recorders has never been easier. Multichannel Recorder captures clear digital audio while being simple to operate. Multichannel Recorder can also be customized for different configurations to meet various requirements.

Choice of Hardware Configurations

Multichannel Recorder can be configured as a desktop system in a tabletop case, as a portable system in a rolling case, or as a rackmount system for installation in a control room.

Choice of SoniClear Software

Tablet Recorder is pre-configured with your choice of
Gov Recorder 9 or Court Recorder 9 software.

How SoniClear Works

Digital Recording in 3 Easy Steps

Switch to recording on your computer in just three steps:

  • 1. Start your laptop or desktop computer
  • 2. Plug in the microphones
  • 3. Run the SoniClear software to create your recording

Digital recording has never been easier.

USB Foot Pedal

Get More Done With Less Effort

With clear digital sound and notes highlighting the action, producing minutes or transcripts is much easier.

With the optional hardware USB Foot Pedal, the software works like a standard transcription machine for hands-free control.

Digital Recording

No More Tape Worries

SoniClear software allows you to record up to 12 hours continuously. No need to switch tapes during meetings. The software captures digital recordings on the disk drive inside the computer. The sound quality is dramatically better than cassette tape.

The digital recording files can be kept on the recording computer for playback like a tape recorder, transfered to an external disk drive, or automatically archived on a local area network drive for shared access.

Purchase Multichannel Recorder

SoniClear Multichannel Recorder is configured to your specirfications.