Webcast Meetings


Automate the process of webcasting meetings.

Gov Recorder 9 provides an easy and affordable way to publish audio recordings of meetings on the Web. With just a few mouse clicks, important meeting information can be recorded and accessed at any time from your website.

Gov Recorder 9 digital recording software reduces costs while improving productivity and meeting effectiveness.


  • Capture meetings with digital clarity
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Produce minutes faster
  • Archive to CDROM and LAN
  • Annotate recordings by agenda item
  • Improve transcription accuracy
  • Deliver information efficiently from your website
Easy Transition To Digital
Moving from cassette tape to digital recording is easy and intuitive for users.

Gov Recorder 9 software is designed to be easy to learn and use. All of the essential recording and playback operations are obvious from looking at the controls. Big buttons on the screen look like the buttons on a cassette recorder. Click the Record button to record, the Stop button to stop and the Play button to play. Anyone can switch from cassette recording to using Gov Recorder 9 in just minutes.

Gov Recorder 9 Features
Software features designed to meet the unique requirements of government.

Gov Recorder 9 is the ideal recording solution, meeting the needs of today's fast-paced government. Digitally record, manage, and store important meetings, using Windows laptop and desktop computers. Easy to install, learn, and use, Gov Recorder 9 can scale from individual use to entire organizations using existing computers.

  • Digital Recording
  • Tape Recorder Look and Feel For Easy Learning
  • Take Notes using Agenda and Markers
  • VoiceBoost Sound Enhancment
  • Optional USB Foot Pedal
  • One Click File Backup and Archiving
  • CD Export in Standard Audio CD and MP3 Formats
  • Free Player Program Displays Notes
  • LAN Archive Management
  • Webcasting Archive Management
  • Free Web Player based on Adobe Flash
  • Compatibility with All Major Web Servers, Browsers and Computers


Gov Recorder 9 digitally records to the computer disk drive using industry-standard audio files. VoiceBoost digital signal processing enhances the sound to ensure maximum clarity and intelligibility. While recording, the user has the ability to enter timestamped notes, highlighting sections of the meeting and important events. The resulting digital audio files can be stored on the local disk drive, CDROM, and network servers.

Web Archive

The recordings can also be webcast from any existing website. No additional hosting software or services are needed. Also, any Windows, Macintosh or Unix computer can be used to listen to the recordings. The ubiquitous Adobe Flash browser plugin handles playback of the recordings on the computer (98% of computers already have Flash installed).

Run Gov Recorder 9 on Any Windows Computer

Gov Recorder 9 software runs on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer. Install the software, plug in a computer microphone and start recording. Gov Recorder 9 can also be purchased as a ready-to-use system including the computer.

Learn More
Read more about SoniClear Gov Recorder 9 on the website, or call SoniClear to speak to a pre-sales consultant about your requirements.