How SoniClear Works
  • Software runs on any Windows computer
  • Looks like a tape recorder on screen
  • Digitally records on the computer
  • Plays like a transcription machine
  • Shares recording files on CD, Network, Web

Switch to Digital Recording in 3 Easy Steps

Replace your cassette or handheld recorder with digital recording on your computer. Experience the clarity of digital sound with the convenience of advanced features for transcribing and sharing information.

Step 1: Run the SoniClear Software

SoniClear runs on your Windows laptop and desktop computers. Three versions of SoniClear are available with the features you need. Works with any computer running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. SoniClear is also available as a complete system with the software pre-installed.

Step 2: Plug In the Computer Microphone

The included conference-style microphone plugs directly into your computer, for recording in conference rooms. Several microphone upgrade options are available to handle any type of recording situation.

Step 3: Click Record Button

Record using SoniClear just as you would with a cassette machine. SoniClear displays the record and play buttons on the screen. Just click the record button to record on your computer.

Learn More

Read more about SoniClear on the website, or call SoniClear to speak to a pre-sales consultant about your requirements.