Record Phone Calls and Teleconferences

Use your computer for record phone calls and meetings.

Meeting Recorder 9 makes it easy to record phone conversations and teleconference meetings using your Windows computer.Capture every word spoken in conference calls, client interviews and conversations with customers. The audio from phone conversations can be stored on your computer, or on the local area network for review.

No tape or batteries are needed, and the VoiceBoost sound enhancement feature makes listening to calls loud and clear.

Share your conversations with people who could not join the conference. Use the recordings for quality control and future reference.

Features and Benefits
Turn your laptop or desktop computer into a powerful system for recording meetings and taking minutes.
  • Record discussions in the exact words of the participants
  • Take meeting minutes quickly and easily on your computer
  • Preserve meeting information and share it with participants

Meeting Recorder 9 software runs on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer. Install the software, plug in a computer microphone and start recording. SoniClear can also be purchased as a ready-to-use system including the computer.

If you have phone conversations on a speakerphone, the audio is captured using the microphone included with Meeting Recorder 9 (it plugs directly into your computer). If you want to record the conversation while using a handset or headset, you will need a phone interface device that sends the audio from the phone to the computer.


Ten reasons why customers prefer SoniClear software
  • Save time every day, produce minutes faster and easier
  • As easy as a tape recorder, with the power of computing
  • Hear the softest voice in the room with clear digital audio
  • No need to juggle cassette tapes
  • Worry free, up to 12 hours continuous recording
  • Create minutes and save conversations in one step
  • Recordings are like audio minutes, play any agenda item
  • Reconstruct important discussions with a few clicks
  • Turn recording on and off for sensitive discussions
  • In just a click, share meeting recordings on CD, LAN, or Web

SoniClear digital recording software is used government, companies, and individuals worldwide. The tangible benefits, affordability, and ease of implementation make SoniClear an ideal choice for upgrading from cassette-based systems.

Learn More
Read more about SoniClear on the website, or call SoniClear to speak to a pre-sales consultant about your requirements.